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Cassandra Hili, Head Rule-Breaker of Millennium Communications is a passionate, no bullshit, down-to-earth communicator who helps businesses around the globe connect the dots with an end-to-end approach, creating long-lasting relationships between brands and their key audiences to achieve sustainable success and true business value. 

Affectionately known as Cass to her clients, family and friends, her journey to becoming one of Australia’s most successful and youngest female entrepreneurs began as a lifestyle and fitness blogger. With a devoted following in excess of a quarter of million fans across YouTube, Instagram and Tumbler, Cass was regularly asked to feature on media platforms around the world to inspire others, and during this time truly mastered the best ways to forge connections with audiences, by being genuine and paying attention. 

Bringing authenticity and integrity to any project she works on, Cass built Millennium Communications with the same philosophy and core values. With the firm belief that ‘as long as you’re your true self with others, they will be more receptive to your words and professional advice’, has meant Cass and her team continually deliver clients phenomenal results. 

“Through sheer determination, a willingness to go the extra mile for my clients and pure grit, my team and I catapult a client/a project/an initiative into the limelight. It’s our passion, it’s our goal. I know better than anyone, unlocking the key to success isn’t a straightforward path, it also doesn’t happen overnight and it’s different for everyone.

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all scenario’ with the work that Millennium Communications delivers. Each of our clients, and their audiences, are unique. We respect that and my team and I strive to constantly break the mould, challenge the status quo to ensure the work we deliver stands out from the crowd. 

Equipped with her experience and creative energy - not to mention her strong moral compass, Cass is also working to revolutionise the public relations industry in Australia, one opportunity at a time. 

Having worked with a number of businesses who have had unbelievably poor experiences with a PR offering; from exorbitant cost, pretentious and often unrealistic goals and outcomes, not to mention poor customer service, Cass is leading the charge in exemplifying what good PR is - and how it can turn a business around to ‘back in the black’.

Through the creation of honest and worthy relationships with consumers, the PR methodologies curated and implemented by Cass are a reflection of her upbringing; it’s a matter of focusing on what’s underneath the surface, what really matters with the brand, as well as what really matters to the ideal target audience.

Cass believes DEPTH is the missing link for brands these days. 

“Majority of the subpar PR organisations out there are too scared to go below the surface and create stories of true substance. The superficial only provides hype for a period of time - which contradicts everything I and my company stands for. 

When you create a business, you’re in it for the long haul. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into managing the day-to-day and keeping the machine well-oiled. I totally respect that, and that’s why any marcomms activity you implement has do that effort justice.

Brands are people - it’s the job of those in PR to create a personal side to them, make them relevant, expose the good, bad and the ugly - because it’s real and it resonates. By doing that we empower and provide confidence - not just for our clients, but their consumers too”.