The Millennium Way

A large format business, with a boutique feel, the passionate team at Millennium Communications provides a wide gamut of marketing and communications support with honesty, integrity, loyalty and your brand’s best interest at heart.

The team are not about air kisses, but rather all about results, and helping organisations remember why they got into business in the first place, and how they can reach new heights.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a ticking time bomb - but in a good way. It’s a necessary tool in the communications and marketing space that helps you talk to, and be seen by, your current and potential customers in real-time. To put it in perspective, nearly half of the world’s population uses social media – so if you’re not active on it, you’re missing out!

From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat – each of these platforms offer the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with a customer and keep it going. The Millennium Communications team will work with you to make sure your social media pages are driving your brand's success, from influencer marketing to content creation and sponsored posts, we create a strategy that is true to your brand and your goals.


Content Creation

Content is the King and the Queen of any business’ communications strategy. Telling your brand’s story and key messages in a compelling way through words, videos and/or photos ensures a connection with your customers, builds trust, authenticity and longevity.

Public Relations

From events, brand activations and crafting compelling editorials, public relations (PR) is an ideal avenue for the general public to create a real connection with your brand.

The Millennium Communications brains trust will design a comprehensive and hard-hitting PR solution that ensures people will be touching, tasting and talking about your brand for a very long time.


Marketing 101

Are your clients looking for a sign but can’t find you? Executing the marketing basics for your business can take precious time. Millennium Communications simplifies it for you through a creative strategy that delivers results and saves you time.

From email communications, collateral production and website management – you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with the Millennium Communications team.

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Event Management

As cliché as it sounds, from concept through to delivery (and every single step in-between), Millennium Communications designs events to bring brands to life.

Combined with our broad range of skills, they make sure your event is a seamless success, with hype and excitement managed and captured for months post-event, so that the impact from one event puts your brand on a pedestal and in the limelight.


Influencer Marketing

They’ve got style, they’ve got flare, let them do the raving for you.

Influencer marketing has become essential to every marketing campaign. Their engaged audiences look up to them for recommendations on products and services, so why wouldn’t you be utilising them? Here at Millennium Communications, we can manage your influencer campaign with all of our tricks, tools and relationships for you. We’ve got your back.